mitad del mundo
mitad del mundo
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Mitad del Mundo Ubicación:

Quito - Ecuador
Av. Manuel Córdova Galarza SN


Everyday of the year
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays de 9:00 a 18:00


Adults $5
Children $2.50
Older Adults and People with Disabilities $2.50


Attention Schedule in Holidays

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Mitad del Mundo

Ciudad Mitad del Mundo es un popular destino turístico de la ciudad de Quito proclamado Cultural Heritage of Ecuador. Visitors can have their photo taken of them standing on the Equator, with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere. It's a great way to get that much-desired photograph. In addition, they may balance an egg on a nail without having to hold it and weigh a kilo less than in other places.

Mitad del Mundo is available to visitors every day of the year. Also, on weekends there are cultural events that we suggest you attend if you go there.You can wander the Middle of the World City with family or friends and, since 2016, pet owners and their furry friends can also join in the fun, giving everyone the chance to explore the area together.

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En el centro del mundo, la latitud es exactamente 0° 0' 0'', lo que la hace única en comparación con otros lugares.

Mitad del Mundo Monument

Inside the emblematic Equatorial Monument, several themes can be appreciated, starting with a time line, which highlights the main events since the arrival of the French Geodetic Mission made up of an adequate staff of academics Godin, Boguer and La Condamine- and their technicians.

How to get here

Llegar a la mitad del mundo es muy fácil y hay varias opciones disponibles para hacerlo. Una de las formas más comunes de llegar es tomando un tour desde Quito. Conoce los detalles aquí.


In Mitad del Mundo city there are 19 places of tourist interest, including a planetarium, museums, squares and traditional buildings. It is the first place in the country that has a planetarium with virtual reality. Also noteworthy is the Oswaldo Guayasamín pavilion, which exhibits the works of the Ecuadorian painter and sculptor.


Mitad del Mundo Handicrafts




Craft Beer Museum


Cultural Pavilions


Mitad del Mundo Restaurants


  • Cacao Museum This place known as the cacao plaza where you can buy the most delicious chocolates, made with fine cocoa aroma.
  • Mitad del Mundo Monument  Impressive monument built in Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, and many tourists associate it with Ecuador.
  • Train Station – icon of tourism in Ecuador

Train Station

The construction of the railway in Ecuador was one of the engines for the progress of the country, constituting a symbol of National Unity. In 1873, 91 km was put into service from Yaguachi to Milagro, and thanks to the triumph of the Liberal Revolution in 1895, the work was resumed by General Eloy Alfaro Delgado, who continued construction and several years later the project "The most difficult railway" was born. of the world" because it passes through the devil's nose on the Condor Puñana or Condor's Nest hill.

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