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Visit us in Ciudad Mitad del Mundo

Getting to the middle of the world is very easy and there are several options available to do so. One of the most common ways to get there is by taking a tour from Quito. These tours generally include transportation from your hotel, a guided tour of half the world and free time to explore.

You can also get there on your own by public transportation. To do so, you must take a bus from the bus station in Quito to the city of Mitad del Mundo. Once there, you can walk to the monument that marks the equator line.

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You can take a bus of the Mitad del Mundo line along Occidental Avenue in a south-north direction.
Costo $0.40usd Adultos y $0.20usd Especiales
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Take the Metrobus system to the north of Quito. At the final station of Ofelia you should take the integrated bus "La Mitad del Mundo" which will leave you right at the entrance.
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You can take a cab from anywhere in Quito. The only thing you have to do is to indicate that your destination is the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo.