Tourist Experiences

Tourist Experiences

Experiencias Turísticas Quito

A place where history and culture come together in one place.

Welcome to the magical place where North and South meet! We invite you to discover the fascinating Middle of the World, a tourist destination full of wonders and curiosities. Here, in this unique geographical point, you can live an unforgettable experience while exploring the natural and cultural wonders that this region has to offer.

We are waiting for you with open arms to offer you a unique experience that combines history, culture, nature and adventure .... 

Come and discover the magical Middle of the World!

experiencias turísticas
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Main Monument

Travel and discover the richness and beauty of the regions of Ecuador in a colorful tour of the nine floors of our iconic museum in our Equatorial Monument, a trip to see the Galapagos Islands, participate in the Mama Negra party, learn about the Mantense culture , Shuar, Huaorani, among others.

Ancestral Homes

Learn about the way of life of the inhabitants in the Ecuadorian Mountain, Coast and Amazon regions through museographic pieces.

Cocoa Experience

Come, produce and taste your own chocolate while learning about the richness and importance of cocoa in the history of Ecuador.

Beer Museum

Enjoy beer from the Middle of the World while learning about the history and brewing of Ecuadorian beer. You will be able to taste and carry out scheduled tastings of different types of craft beer.

Cultural Plaza

Nuestra Plaza Cultural es un lugar ideal para que realices tus eventos corporativos, festivales musicales, obras de teatro, entre otros a gran escala. Este espacio cuenta con acceso directo para el ingreso de producción, camerinos, baterias sanitarias, parqueaderos, servicios básicos e internet; todo esto en un entono seguro y privado.


Travel through the solar system, see the surface of Mars, the rings of Jupiter, go around the Moon and get closer to the Sun, while you cross in the middle of the Novas and Supernovas, in a trip at full speed from the center of the world.

Pabellón Francia

Sumérgete en la fascinante historia de las misiones geodésicas que dieron forma al mundo tal como lo conocemos hoy! En este espacio único, nos transportamos a una época en la que los intrépidos exploradores franceses desafiaron lo desconocido para medir y definir la latitud 0 del planeta.

Train Museum

Travel back in time and learn about the history of the world's most difficult train. Tour and get to know our city aboard our two scale locomotives. Departures every 15 minutes.

Central Plaza

Un lugar que ofrece a los turistas una experiencia única llena de arte y entretenimiento! Es mucho más que un punto de encuentro; allí todos los fines de semana se realizan presentaciones culturales como teatro, danzas y performances que cuentan historias y tradiciones ecuatorianas que trascienden en el tiempo y el espacio.

Pabellón Ecuador

Sumérgete en una experiencia única donde te llevaremos a un viaje a través de las distintas provincias que hacen de Ecuador un destino turístico incomparable. Desde las majestuosas montañas de los Andes hasta las exuberantes selvas amazónicas, nuestro pabellón te invita a explorar los atractivos turísticos que caracterizan cada rincón de esta tierra llena de contrastes.

Parque Entre-Tejidos

Nuestro parque está diseñado para inspirar aventuras emocionantes. Desde zonas de juegos, cada rincón ha sido cuidadosamente pensado para brindarles un espacio seguro y lleno de alegría. Imagina a tus pequeños exploradores corriendo entre estructuras divertidas.


Play and interact with our experiments where you will be surprised by the magic that the equatorial line causes; centrifugal force, the coriolis effect, magnetism and one of the most particular is weight loss.

Colonial Chapel

An encounter with faith, where ancestral indigenous traditions and western culture converge, you will be able to observe a baroque-style decoration covered with gold leaf, religious images from the Colonial era and colorful ornaments. Go up to the dome, ring the bell and ask for a miracle for yourself.

La Balbanera

Visit the replica of the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary Natividad de Balbanera, one of the oldest churches in Ecuador, come make a wish and if your heart is pure, the virgin will grant it to you.

Guayasamín Museum

Get to know the transcendental work of Maestro Oswaldo Guayasamín, an Ecuadorian painter who captured the reality of our indigenous people at different moments in history: "The Way of Crying", "The Age of Anger", "The Age of Tenderness" and the "Faces of America".
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Otras experiencias turísticas de los que puedes disfrutar

There is more to enjoy than you imagine.

Come and experience the magic of Quito's attractions!

A unique destination that will leave you speechless.

Tourist Experiences

Enjoy entertainment, local gastronomy and shopping at La Mitad del Mundo Resort. Live an unforgettable experience in this charming region where history and nature intertwine.

MICE Events

Enjoy entertainment, local gastronomy and shopping at La Mitad del Mundo Resort. Live an unforgettable experience in this charming region where history and nature intertwine.

A unique place where North and South converge

Hold your event in the Middle of the World

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